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ShoutOuts for iOS and Android

Last Updated: May 22, 2017 11:08AM PDT

ShoutOuts for iOS and Android

ShoutOuts are featured text designed to draw your user’s attention to an important message. WalkMe is now offering Shoutouts on iOS and Android to select customers. Since ShoutOuts are not hard coded they can be published at any time through the WalkMe Editor. Adding ShoutOuts with WalkMe allows you to deploy announcements outside the traditional release cycle.


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Let's Talk a Bit More

ShoutOuts enable you to maintain a constant stream of communication with your user. With just one click, the user can start a Walk-Thru, play a video or article Resource, activate a Shuttle to another page, or open the Player Menu. Its announcement capabilities help you capture your user’s attention and direct them towards the actions and information they need to see.

ShoutOuts are commonly used to announce new usage policies or features within your app. ShoutOuts for Mobile devices can also be configured to redirect users to rate your app in the App Store or to redirect users to device settings. Shoutouts for Native Apps require an SDK package and are not enabled by default. Full installation instructions can be found below.

How It Works

ShoutOuts can be built with an action button that will launch another WalkMe item. You can configure ShoutOuts to appear to the user when they open your application on their mobile phone, or you can create a rule for it to play only under certain conditions. In the WalkMe Editor, you can customize the ShoutOut’s position, color, text, and design. You can also determine the playing settings, set goals, establish conditions under which the ShoutOut will play, or configure the ShoutOut to play via a Permalink or Launcher.

In the Interaction tab, preview and edit the text and design of the ShoutOut.
  • Position: Select where the ShoutOut will on the screen
  • Style: Select a designed ShoutOut style template
  • Action Button: Show or hide the Action button and customize text. Action button triggers an action when button is clicked. Choose between Rate App, Open App Settings, Browse to Page, or Play video.
  • Close Button: Show or hide Close button; customize text
  • Colors: Edit style colors for Main color, Main Text, Background and Regular Text
In the Engagement tab, determine how the ShoutOut will play:
  • AutoPlay: ShoutOut automatically displays on pages that have WalkMe installed
  • Play according to rule: Use the Rule Engine to determine when a ShoutOut automatically plays. ShoutOut displays when a rule is true
  • Replay settings: Select how frequently ShoutOut appears. Choose between Once, Once a Day, Always
  • Cancel Auto Play : Select which user action will cause the ShoutOut to stop showing the ShoutOut

Embedding WalkMe into Your App

To integrate WalkMe to the application you’ll add an SDK to the application project and it will 'call' the SDK to start together with the rest of the resources.
  1. Download SDK
  2. Copy the Code in Objective-C or Swift Format
  3. Find the file WalkMe SDK
  4. Unzip this file by clicking on it
  5. Open the unzipped file and find WalkMe.framework
  6. Open xCode
  7. Select the Application Project file from the navigation on the left
  8. Drag WalkMe.framework into Linked Framework and Binaries section in the General Settings tab
  9. Go to Build Settings Tab
  10. Find Linking and add “-ObjC” to Other Linker Flags property
  11. Open the AppDelegate file
  12. Add the following to the AppDelegate file
    • For Objective C: #import
    • For Swift: import WalkMe
  13. Copy and paste the code from the SDK tab of the Publish menu to the didFinishLaunching method in your AppDelegate
    • Objective-C:
    • Swift:
  14. Once finished, the next time you update your app the WalkMe SDK will be present.

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