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Use Salesforce Groups to Target Users

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016 12:51PM PDT

Using Salesforce Groups to Target Users

Within WalkMe for Salesforce, you can use Salesforce Groups to segment WalkMe items. This allows you an additional way to segment items besides the default Salesforce variables available.
Salesforce Groups is an Enabled Feature available to our Salesforce Users. For access, contact your CSM or customer support at

Article Contents:

  • What are Salesforce Groups
  • How to use Salesforce Groups with WalkMe
  • Finding your Salesforce Groups
  • Create a Rule Using Salesforce Groups

Let's Talk A Bit More

A group is a collection of users created by your Salesforce Administrator. Use Salesforce groups in the Segmentation Center to target specific users and present them with only relevant items. For example, if some ShoutOuts only apply to a group of coworkers who want to rideshare.use the SF Groups Rule Type to create a segment.

Deep Dive

Your Salesforce Administrator can create groups in Salesforce to better enable people who work together to share information. Groups can be used to share records and other information within a specified workgroup. These groups will be present in your implementation in the form of a variable.

Once these groups have been created, they can be utilized within the Segmentation Center. Salesforce Groups are checked against the value defined in the Segmentation Rule. To use the Salesforce Groups within the Rule Engine, the Variable name must start with “walkme_sf_groups.”
  1. Log into your Salesforce Instance
  2. Click your name and click Setup
  3. In the Quick Find, type Public Groups. Then click Public Groups in the results
  4. Select your Group
  5. Use the Group Name listed in the Rule Engine
NOTE: Use an asterix to include multiple groups in the same Rule
  1. Have your Salesforce Administrator provide you with a list of all the Group Labels that are part of your Salesforce instance
  2. Open the Rule Engine
  3. Under Rule Type select User Data, then choose Variables
  4. In the Variable Name, type walkme_sf_groups
  5. Find the Group in Salesforce and type in the group name.

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