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Build a Basic Smart Walk-Thru

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2017 01:56PM PDT

How to Build a Basic Smart Walk-Thru

How to Build a Basic Smart Walk-Thru

Ready to build a Smart Walk-Thru to create simple and straightforward guidance through a process for your users? It’s easy.
When creating a Smart Walk-Thru, first add all the steps from A to Z to guiding the user through the process. If there are variations in the process, create the path that the majority of people complete. This is referred to as the “Main Path.” 

Create Your Walk-Thru

  1. Go to the Smart Walk-Thru App
  2. Click the Add New button
  3. Give your Smart Walk-Thru a Name and click Continue

Add your Steps:

  1. Hover over the + icon and click Step: A “step” is represented visually on the page with a tip balloon overlaid on the screen.
  2. Capture the step: After clicking Add Step, the WalkMe Editor will minimize and you will be in Capture Mode. Capture Mode allows you to select an element for your step. Click on the element highlighted by a blue box to select it.
  3. Configure the Step Balloon: Once the element has been selected, WalkMe will autocomplete details such as title and trigger based on the element. To manually change these, click the advanced tab at the bottom of the balloon: Step Name: This appears inside the balloon and provides the user with instructions
    1. Step Note: This note will appear in the Editor and will only be visible by other WalkMe Builders (not your end user)
    2. Triggers: Triggers are the actions that activate the next step in your Smart Walk-Thru (Read more on Triggers)
    3. Step Position: Move the position of the balloon
    4. Element Grade: The element grade tells you the strength of the element. Read about Precision to learn more Continue adding steps: Once the first step has been configured, click “Next Step” to return to Capture Mode. To navigate to a different page, use the toggle in the Editor (or the Control key keyboard shortcut) to switch in Navigate mode. This will allow you to move around to different pages and click buttons on screen without capturing them as elements. Once you’ve found the element, use the toggle or the control key to put the Editor back in Capture Mode. Then, configure your next step.
  4. Click Done! Click Done! When you click done, the WalkMe Editor will reopen and you will see all the steps you just created Steps will appear as blue balloon icons in the step list. When you hover over the balloon, you will be able to play the Smart Walk-Thru starting from that step, view a screenshot, duplicate, delete, or add a Start Point or Peer Step.

Those are the basics. Read about all features of a fully formed Smart Walk-Thru in this article.

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