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Best Practices for Creating Smart Walk-Thrus

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017 03:22PM PDT

  Best Practices for Smart Walk-Thrus

You know how to build a Smart Walk-Thru, but want to know tricks that the pros use? Keep reading to learn about strategies and methods we have found to be most effective at building user-friendly, easy-to-manage Smart Walk-Thrus.
This article is about the new Smart Walk-Thrus app. For Walk-Thru users, read this article.
What's the difference between Walk-Thrus and Smart Walk-Thrus?

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Target your Users

Purposeful Segmentation is an important part of your Smart Walk-Thru. Segments allow you to push items to specific users or to remove items from a user’s view. If Smart Walk-Thru s aren’t relevant to certain users or under certain conditions, they can be hidden using the Segmentation Center. This will allow your users to focus on the available tasks and reduce clutter on screen and in the Player Menu. The Best Practice is to use either a URL to segment by page or a Variable to segment your Smart Walk-Thru by user type or role. The Segments of your Smart Walk-Thru get checked as soon as WalkMe loads on a page. Before your Smart Walk-Thru becomes visible, the Segment must be True. Items with no Segment will always appear.
Read about Segmentation


How to Engage Users

WalkMe offers a wide variety of methods for you to deliver training, support, and promotion to your users. Read the guide.

Keep Your Map Clean

Keep your Smart Walk-Thru simple and easy to follow for yourself and other colleagues. The tips below will keep your Smart Walk-Thru easy to manage and edit, even if you’re new to the flow or are returning to edit your flow some time later.

Name Every Flow Step

Make sure that you add a title that describes exactly what each Flow Step does. This will make it clear what the function of each step is, instead of having to infer this information from the rule and location in the flow.


Connect to Other Smart Walk-Thrus

Sometimes processes vary depending on the type of user or it may change based on some action the user takes. Use a Connect to Smart Walk-Thru to break up larger processes into smaller tasks. Using this Flow Step you can reduce building time by reusing steps common to multiple Smart Walk-Thru, and ensure a smooth user experience.

Leverage Site Specific Best Practices


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