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WalkMe Usage Integration for Salesforce

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2017 09:41AM PDT

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WalkMe Usage Integration for Salesforce

The WalkMe Usage Integration displays a specific user’s data from Insights directly on a Contact Record in Salesforce. Having this information right in Salesforce greatly increases access to this valuable information, allowing not just WalkMe users to take advantage of it, but users across the organization and company.
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Talk to your CSM if you are interested in Integrating WalkMe Usage into Salesforce

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The Short Version

WalkMe’s Platform provides valuable information about how users engage with your software, from the pages they visit, the elements they click on, to their onboarding progress or course completions. This information is extremely valuable for Sales, Success, Marketing and Support teams in your organization. Enabling WalkMe’s Usage Integration in Salesforce allows the teams in your company to see this data directly in the Contact records in Salesforce.

WalkMe Usage integration is used to:
  • Give access to WalkMe’s Usage and Engagement data to teams within your organization
  • Close deals faster by viewing a prospect’s usage and engagement with your software to personalize your conversations
  • Drive customers to engage with your software by viewing a their usage of key features, onboarding progress and course completions
  • Reduce support tickets by identifying users that do not use WalkMe for self-serve support but could benefit from using it
  • View a user’s overall engagement with WalkMe Apps

How It Works

If you use WalkMe on your site and Salesforce internally you can now bring the valuable usage data from WalkMe Insights directly into your contact records in Salesforce. The integration uses the email address on a Contact Record to locate the same user in WalkMe Insights. Once located, the user’s data is loaded in a section on the user’s Contact Record. This section displays an iframe that loads the users page in Insights.  

You must have Unique User ID’s set up in their WalkMe Editor account so WalkMe is able to identify users by their email address in WalkMe Insights. From Salesforce, when a you open a Contact record WalkMe identifies the email address on the record and uses it to load that contacts data from WalkMe Insights. If you cannot use the email address field on the Contact Record, WalkMe can use other fields on the record the to match it to your WalkMe User ID’s.
Installation is required for WalkMe Usage Integration. Contact your CSM to learn more.

Usage Data

The data that is visible in Salesforce is dependent on the features you use in the WalkMe Editor. For example, Element Tracking and Onboarding are only visible for user data if both features are being used and have published items.

In the Contact Record, you may see the following sections:
  • Usage Summary: A summary of engagement with WalkMe Apps. Appears for all users.
  • Main Goal Completions: a list of Goals complete, associated item and the date of completion
  • Onboarding: Task name, completion status and date of completion
  • Element Tracking: Name of element, Page associated with, number of Views and Number of Clicks

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