Building Content for Desktop (7)

  • Last Update July 31, 2022

    ActionBot for Workstation and Desktop

    This article explains how to build a WalkMe ActionBot for Workstation and Desktop.

  • Last Update March 15, 2021

    Preview in Mac Editor from Desktop and Workstation

    This article explains how to enable the ability to preview your content in the Editor for Mac users.

  • Last Update March 15, 2021

    Building a Smart Walk-Thru With Only Popup Steps

    When building a Smart Walk-Thru on an environment where elements cannot be captured, use a Popup Step Walk-Thru to provide additional information to your user.

  • Last Update March 15, 2021

    Desktop Best Practices

    To create the best solutions for your users, it is recommended to follow these best practices when creating content with WalkMe Desktop.

  • Last Update March 15, 2021

    Desktop Appearance Tab

    Use Appearance settings to highlight or focus on a particular element or correct the position of your WalkMe items.

  • Last Update July 28, 2022

    Customization in Desktop

    Desktop customization features allow you to create and design your WalkMe Items specific to your needs.

  • Last Update November 22, 2023

    Segmentation with Desktop

    Learn how to segment WalkMe content to specific users for more targeted guidance.

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