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Building Content for Desktop (7)

  • Last Update August 25, 2020

    Preview in Mac Editor from Desktop and Workstation

    Brief Overview To enable the ability to preview your content in the Editor for Mac users, follow these steps: Step 1: Enable the feature Contact your WalkMe Account Manager to Enable the preview feature...
  • Last Update December 14, 2020

    ActionBot for Workstation and Desktop

    Brief Overview This article explains how to build a WalkMe ActionBot for Workstation and Desktop. A WalkMe ActionBot is a chat interface that end-users interact with to complete tasks and answer questions. ActionBot can...
  • Last Update April 2, 2020

    Customization in Desktop

    Brief Overview The Customize Menu in the Editor allows you to modify visual aspects of your WalkMe implementation, including the Desktop Widget, Smart Walk-Thru Balloons, and SmartTips. If you would like to change the...
  • Last Update June 2, 2019

    Desktop Appearance Tab

    Brief Overview Appearance is a category in the main menu of Walk-Thru Steps, Launchers, and individual SmartTips that enables you to modify the way they work. With Appearance settings, you can highlight or focus on...
  • Last Update January 5, 2021

    Segmentation with Desktop and Workstation

    Brief Overview Segments allow you to push items to specific users or to remove items from a user’s view. To make your WalkMe content visible to some user groups but not others, you can...
  • Last Update March 30, 2020

    Building a Smart Walk-Thru With Only Popup Steps

    Brief Overview In some cases, Desktop will not be able to capture certain elements on certain apps, in these cases, we can use popup steps in order to guide the user. A popup step...
  • Last Update March 9, 2020

    Desktop Best Practices

    Brief Overview To create the best solutions for your users, it is recommended to follow some best practices when creating content with WalkMe Desktop. So you can guide your users in the most efficient...
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