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Desktop Release Notes (7)

  • Last Update October 29, 2020

    WalkMe Desktop & Workstation – V6.2 Release – October 2020

    What’s New This Version? New for Windows Environment Switch Builder’s ‘Test’ version will now include a convenient option to change between ‘test’ and ‘production environments. In order to change the environment, just right click...
  • Last Update December 22, 2020

    WalkMe Desktop – V5.9 Release – July 2020

    What’s New This Version? New in Mac Mac now supports previewing from the Editor. Learn more! New for all platforms Windows + Mac : Badge icon on the widget when there are new unread...
  • Last Update June 14, 2020

    WalkMe Desktop – V5.6 Release – June 2020

    What’s New This Version? New for all platforms IDP Integration support Search integration – enhanced search using other platforms KB – available with a custom solution. Rich-text Editing in Visual Editor New for Windows...
  • Last Update January 20, 2020

    WalkMe Desktop – V5.2 Release – January 2020

    What’s New This Version? New for Workstation and all platforms Mac support is now available for desktop Workstation customers! The solution supports: Shuttles Walk-Thru PopUp steps ShoutOuts New Widget (Windows) Visual Editor  Fully customize...
  • Last Update June 2, 2019

    WalkMe Desktop – V3.0 Release – February 2019

    What’s New This Version? New for all platforms Shuttles  Launch web pages from Desktop widget Launch any web walkthrough Lunch a specific Chrome profile OnBoarding Onboarding tasks on the Desktop Widget Notification center Notifications...
  • Last Update June 3, 2019

    WalkMe Desktop – V2.0 Release – September 2018

    What’s New This Version? New for all platforms: Data source integration  Ability to integrate with organization data sources via HTTP requests The integration sends a custom request and parses the response Example – Identify...
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