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Desktop SDK (for software developers) (6)

  • Last Update June 2, 2019

    About the Desktop SDK

    Brief Overview A software development kit (SDK) is a set of software development tools that allows the creation of applications for a certain software package or similar development platform. It provides the integration between...
  • Last Update May 28, 2019

    Network Requirements for Desktop SDK

    Brief Overview The network requirements that are required by application developers to help configure your application to support the WalkMe Desktop SDK. Traffic Configuration WalkMe Desktop SDKs use HTTPS for signaling traffic. Signaling traffic...
  • Last Update May 28, 2019

    Desktop SDK API with Mac and Windows

    Brief Overview In order to support the WalkMe snippet customer system identification schema, the SDK should expose the following Public APIs: Load API Walkme.start(<string : full path to setting file> , <WalkmeStartOptions> ) #...
  • Last Update June 2, 2019

    Desktop Developer Guide

    Brief Overview The following document provides the steps required for developing a simple application using the WalkMe SDK. Prerequisites 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 or newer Windows Operating System WalkMe for Windows Desktop MSI –...
  • Last Update May 28, 2019

    Desktop SDK with Windows

    Brief Overview The WalkMe for Desktop Windows SDK solution targets applications that are distributed by the application developer (i.e., organizations that have access to the source code of the application). Steps for Integration Loading...
  • Last Update May 28, 2019

    Desktop SDK with Mac

    Brief Overview The procedure of embedding the WalkMe for Desktop Mac SDK as well as additional technical information regarding the WalkMe for Desktop SDK. Use Cases WalkMe’s solutions allow user engagement based on business...
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