Getting Started With WalkMe Desktop (5)

  • Last Update October 19, 2021

    About WalkMe Desktop

    WalkMe Desktop is WalkMe’s digital adoption platform for Desktop.

  • Last Update March 29, 2021

    Desktop Workstation Apps Overview

    WalkMe Desktop and Workstation are comprised of several WalkMes apps to help you accomplish your business objectives.

  • Last Update February 22, 2022

    Web to Desktop/Workstation Feature Comparison

    This table provides a quick overview of some of the app capability differences between WalkMe Web and WalkMe Desktop.

  • Last Update August 11, 2021

    About the Desktop Widget

    The Desktop Widget is a multi-access tool, allowing users to play and integrate WalkMe features throughout your Desktop platform.

  • Last Update August 11, 2021

    About the Desktop Notification Center

    The Notification Center lets you create a list of notifications (ShoutOuts) to be displayed for your users.

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