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Getting Started With WalkMe Desktop (5)

  • Last Update April 7, 2020

    About WalkMe Desktop

    Brief Overview WalkMe Desktop is WalkMe’s digital adoption platform for Desktop. Offering our users the right guidance at the right time, on any desktop application and includes all the capabilities of the WalkMe Workstation...
  • Last Update March 30, 2020

    Desktop Workstation Apps Overview

    Brief Overview WalkMe Desktop and Workstation are comprised of several WalkMes apps to help you accomplish your business objectives. This article gives details about supported WalkMe apps and functionalities, features, properties, and whether they...
  • Last Update May 12, 2020

    About the Desktop Widget

    Brief Overview The Desktop Widget is a multi-access tool, allowing users to play and integrate WalkMe features throughout your Desktop platform. Known as the Player Menu in WalkMe Web this tool allows WalkMe content...
  • Last Update May 5, 2020

    About the Desktop Notification Center

    Brief Overview The Notification Center lets you create a list of notifications (ShoutOuts) to be displayed for your users. Notifications will be displayed as a priority on screen, this means that it will not be...