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Brief Overview

The Notification Center lets you create a list of notifications (ShoutOuts) to be displayed for your users. Notifications will be displayed as a priority on screen, this means that it will not be overlapped by other applications open on the Desktop, but will be displayed on the topmost layer.

When planning your WalkMe solutions, consider how you would like to communicate information to your users.  Instead of relying on your user to seek out information which they might not even know exists, Desktop Notifications automatically appear and guarantee users see your message. Notifications can be segmented per user type, department, etc. Notifications can also contain action buttons such as read confirmation and start a Smart Walk-Thru. Activation rules can set the notification to repeat periodically until a certain action is performed.

In addition to popping up on the screen, all the active Notifications are available to your user in the widget:

Use Cases

Put important notifications right on the employee’s desktop.


  • Announce events and office schedule.
  • Promote new features, promotional events, or premium services.
  • Prompt employees to complete assigned tasks.
  • Announce (and ask confirmation of) company policies (e.g. yearly ‘open enrollment’)


  • Remind trial users of time remaining in their free trial account.

Inform Users:

  • Direct users to the support portal.
  • Inform users of upcoming site maintenance or downtime.

Using the Notification Center

Enabling the Notification Center


To enable the Notification Center, please contact your WalkMe representative.


The Notification list appears in the Desktop Widget in a separate tab from your other Walk-Thrus, Resources, and Shuttles.

Access it by clicking on the bell icon in the top righthand corner:

Adding ShoutOuts to the Notification Center

  1. Click on the Publish tab on the Main Menu.
  2. Move to Tab Publish.
  3. Click on ShoutOuts.
  4. Check the boxes of the ShoutOuts you would like to Publish (add to the Notification Center)
  5. Click on the button Publish to Test

To Edit your widget colors and style see the article About the Desktop Widget

To learn more about to create ShoutOuts, click here.




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