Building a Smart Walk-Thru With Only Popup Steps

Last Updated March 15, 2021

Brief Overview

In some cases, Desktop will not be able to capture certain elements on certain apps, in these cases, we can use popup steps in order to guide the user.

A popup step will appear above all other elements on the screen, as it is not attached to anything.

When building a Smart Walk-Thru on an environment where elements cannot be captured, use a Popup Step Walk-Thru to provide additional information to your user. Similar to ShoutOuts, Popup Steps are not associated with an element; Popups can be placed anywhere on the screen. They can be also be added to continue an existing Smart Walk-Thrus.


Popup steps are not the same as popup windows (ShoutOuts).

Use Cases

Popup steps are commonly used to enhance the user experience by communicating a message about your process, or to provide guidance to help users complete a task.

Popups can also be used for promotional purposes.

  • Guide users through a process where elements are unable to be captured.
  • Use a success Popup at the end of a Smart Walk-Thru.
  • Place a welcome Popup at the beginning of an AutoPlayed Walk-Thru when users first open a new Desktop Platform.

Creating a Popup Step

  1. Create a new Smart Walk-Thru.
  2. Give your Smart Walk-Thru a name. It is recommended to name your content relevant to the process.
  3. Hover over the orange + button, and select Popup step:
  4. Define your Popup step in the Interactions tab. (See note below for trigger details)
  5. Add as many Popup steps as are relevant to complete your process.
  6. Don’t forget to save your work!

Currently, Popup steps with Desktop can only be triggered with Next or Start Buttons to continue with the Smart Walk-Thru. Configure in the Interactions tab.

Best Practices

  • Use position and fine-tuning to place the element in the correct location on the screen. Note: Because of different screen resolutions, it is best to not to fine-tune the Popup step position to definitely, but rather place in a strategic position where it will be clearly visible and relevant to the process.
  • Add videos and images to the Popup step balloon to show the user where to click.

This is done by clicking on the image icon in the Interactions tab then, you are given the option to either drag your chosen image or paste your image URL:

The final result guidance bubble will look like this:

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