Cannot Capture in SAP

Last Updated March 29, 2021


If scripting is disabled on your SAP client or server, you will not be able to capture and play Walkme content.


To see if this is indeed the issue, hover the bottom bar and see if there is an indication for disabled scripting

To enable scripting on server side (or client side), please follow the instructions here:

Enabling SAP GUI Scripting on the Server Side

  1. Launch saplogon.exe, log in to your SAP server using your credentials. The SAP Easy Access window opens.
  2. Run transaction RZ11.
  3. Specify the parameter name: sapgui/user_scripting and then press Enter on the keyboard or Display in the SAP interface.
  4. In the Display Profile Parameter Attributes window, press the Change Value button on the toolbar.
  5. Set the New value of sapgui/user_scripting to TRUE. Save the changes.
  6. Log off and back on again to see the change into effect, as it does not apply to sessions that are currently running.

The message on the status bar “Parameter name is unknown” refers to how the sapgui/user_scripting parameter can’t be changed using this transaction because a SAP server package is missing. The solution to this is to install the missing package and try again.

Enabling SAP GUI Scripting on the Client Side

  1. On the Toolbar, go to the Customize Local Layout button and select Options from the drop-down menu. The SAP GUI Options window opens.
  2. Go to Accessibility & Scripting and click on Scripting. Under User Settings, check the box next to Enable scripting. Make sure the other options are disabled. Save the changes by clicking OK. The SAP GUI scripting is now enabled.

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