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Brief Overview

The Customize Menu in the Editor allows you to modify visual aspects of your WalkMe implementation, including the Desktop Widget, Smart Walk-Thru Balloons, and SmartTips. If you would like to change the widget’s default appearance or behavior, you’ll need to refer to the Customize Player tab. Here you can make changes to the Desktop widget that sits on the edge of the page and opens the Player Menu when clicked. You can change the widget’s placement on the screen and modify its text and color or select None to remove it altogether.

Desktop customization features allow you to create and design your WalkMe Items specific to your needs. Through the Admin Bar, you can access WalkMe Desktop Customization options.

Here you can make global customization changes like:

  • Change the color and location of the widget to match your site
  • Change the SmartTip Icon and colors to match your use case
  • Adjust the visual look and feel of the Walk-Thru Balloons to match the color palette of your site

Please Note:

Only customization of the Desktop widget is available for Desktop Workstation.

Customize Player Tab

Using the Customize Player feature allows you to tailor the widget to match the style and needs of your site.

  • In the Text tab, you can edit the text that appears in the widget, Player Menu title, and search bar text.
  • Select None In the Widget tab, to completely remove the Desktop widget that sits on the edge of the page and opens the Player Menu.
  • Adjust the widget colors, including the changing the theme of the widget from bright to dark:


The selected colors will not affect the previewed display, only after you publish your content you will be able to see the changes.

Customize Balloon Tab

For Desktop version 4 and above, you are able to further customize your Smart Walk-Thrus using the Visual Editor! Click here more information on using the Visual Editor

Change the Smart Walk-Thru step balloon color and style.

Edit the colors of your Walk-Thru balloon, or click Advanced Colors to select from a greater variety of colors:

Change the overall style of your Walk-Thru balloon using the WalkMe gallery, which currently contains 3 different styles for your desktop bubble:

Customize SmartTips Tab

Make color changes to Guidance and Validation SmartTips.

Or change the Icon of your SmartTip by selecting Change Icon, and choose from a variety of different colors and styles available in the WalkMe Gallery:


Design and Customization:

  • “Edit CSS” option is not available since the desktop UI has a different language to CSS
  • The following features are not available in the text editor:
    • Text alignment
    • Video
    • iFrame
    • Dynamic text
  • When implementing on a Citrix environment, UI elements must be square in shape.

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