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Last Updated March 15, 2021

Brief Overview

Appearance is a category in the main menu of Walk-Thru Steps, Launchers, and individual SmartTips that enables you to modify the way they work. With Appearance settings, you can highlight or focus on a particular element or correct the position of your WalkMe items.

Use the Appearance tab to move an item to prevent it from obscuring any important information. Common Appearance tab changes include moving the item around an element and refining its position or to emphasize an element on a busy page and have better control of the flow of Smart Walk-Thrus.

Appearance settings also allow you to emphasize elements that may otherwise get lost. Any time you use the WalkMe Editor to select an element on your Desktop application, whether it’s for a Smart Walk-Thru Step, Launcher, or SmartTip, you can customize the way it appears on the screen. The ShoutOut Appearance tab controls the way the ShoutOut appears on the screen, this can be found in the Customization tab.

Each element’s Appearance settings are checked immediately before the item appears on the screen. Note that not every app contains all the Appearance settings.

Smart Walk-Thru Appearance Settings

Spotlight: Enabling the Spotlight Balloon feature for a step will dim the screen, except for your selected element. Other elements will be unclickable.

Highlighter: Enabling the Highlighter will present a colored box around the chosen element of a balloon. This feature is used to emphasize the selected element. The highlighter is customizable in both thickness and color.

Launchers Appearance Settings

Position: Enabling the user to select where the position of the Launcher will be displayed, can be set Inner or Outer.

Refine Position: Giving the user the ability to set the position of a Launcher in relation to the selected element with more accuracy.

SmartTips Appearance Settings

Position: Fine-tune icon position in relations to the selected message

Message: Position the SmartTip message in relation to the selected element

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