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Introduction to the WalkMe Digital Adoption Manager

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What is a WalkMe Digital Adoption Manager?

A WalkMe Digital Adoption Manager is an individual who focuses on driving the digital adoption initiative within an organization through strategic and effective use of WalkMe across digital assets.

While this position can go by many different titles, the job function is similar: the person in this role will work closely with stakeholders throughout the organization to develop and execute a holistic WalkMe strategy based on value and impact with a strong focus on user experience.

Want to learn more about what a WalkMe Digital Adoption Manager does to drive business outcomes within an organization?  Watch this short video to see how WalkMe’s very own Max takes on this challenge, the amazing solutions he builds, and how he calculates ROI.

Want to hire a Digital Adoption Manager? Use these templates!

Many organizations are looking to create and define this role at their company, and to hire or dedicate a resource to this initiative.

We drafted up some sample job description templates to make this process easy! These templates are designed to be easy to use out-of-the-box, or to be modified to meet your company’s hiring needs.

Download our sample job description templates!

Promote yourself as a WalkMe Digital Adoption Manager

Many individuals already lead or support the WalkMe initiative, but currently don’t define themselves as Digital Adoption Managers — and that’s ok! There are many different ways to describe this role.

Regardless of title, we believe that anyone working on the digital adoption initiative, and WalkMe in particular, should promote their skill-sets and contributions.

We shared some quick ways that you can update your job description, email signature, resume, LinkedIn profile, social media presence, and more! For details, check out this post in our Community.

Don’t have access to our Community yet? Simply contact your Account Manager!

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