Digital Transformation Intelligence (DTI)

Last Updated November 16, 2022

Brief Overview

Digital Transformation Intelligence (DTI) is WalkMe’s vision for how companies can plan, prioritize and optimize their transformation initiatives, adoption projects and software investments. Through ​integrations ​with various data sources and using WalkMe’s cutting-edge Smart Element Recognition technology, DTI unlocks visibility into an organization’s tech stack across departments and users.

Use the new Discovery dashboard in the WalkMe Console to view and analyze data for a successful digital adoption strategy.

Use Cases

  • Discover app usage across the organization, with the ability to drill down by app, department, and user
  • Add a new system to WalkMe directly from the dashboard
  • Set and manage digital adoption KPIs
  • Drill down into user experiences across business process
  • Gain actionable insights into usage across forms and fields

How it Works

DTI integrates with multiple data sources, including WalkMe’s browser extension and your organizational IDP and SSO providers. The data collected is processed by Smart Element Recognition AI-based algorithms to deliver an accurate mapping of the apps used across departments and by users.

You can then easily transition from DTI to other WalkMe data sources, including WalkMe Insights for business process analytics or UI Intelligence for actionable analytics on forms.

To access the Discovery dashboard, go to and click the Discovery app on the left menu.

Private beta program

Beta program participants get early access to the new features available with the Discovery dashboard, like the automatic app discovery and new engagement metrics. Through 1:1 conversations with WalkMe teams, hands-on product tests, demos and even co-design sessions, your team will have a chance to guide where we go next.

For more information on the private beta program, click here.

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