How to Customize the Widget

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The Customize Menu in the Editor allows you to modify visual aspects of your WalkMe implementation, including the WalkMe widget. If you’d like to change the widget’s default appearance or behavior, you’ll need to refer to the Customize Player tab. Here, you can change the widget’s placement on the screen and modify its style and theme color. You can also apply custom CSS to further customize the widget, or select None to remove it altogether.

In the Text tab, you can edit the text that appears in the widget, Player Menu and search bar, and alter the widget’s font size.

Lastly, in the Settings tab, you can select the alignment of the text in the widget, and add display conditions that will determine when it will appear. For example, if you’d like to exclude the widget from a specific page in your site, you can add a URL-based rule.

To publish the changes that you applied in the Customize menu, you’ll need to publish your account’s global settings.

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