How To Edit Legacy WYSIWYG Launchers

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Brief Overview

Unlike with other campaigns-types, Launcher template editing is limited to customizing the elements that already exist in the Launcher template (i.e., no new elements can be dragged into the canvas).

These are the available elements for this Launcher. They may not be deleted, and no new elements may be added.

Elements of a Launcher

Each Launcher is built from a closed set of elements that always include the following:

  • The canvas: Launchers’ canvasses cannot be customized, only resized and dragged in the WYSIWYG to set the Launcher position;
  • The shape(s), text, and image(s) that make up the Launcher’s UI;
  • The last Shape on the Canvas element-list sets the Launcher’s Click Area — this shape is not meant to be customized.
    • It acts as a transparent, tappable layer above other elements in the Launcher;
    • Anywhere the click area is tapped, the action you’ve assigned to it is triggered. This is why its width and height should be set to 100%.

Editing a Launcher

Once you know which elements appear in your chosen Launcher template, visit How to Build and Edit Campaign Content in the WYSIWYG to learn how to edit these elements in the WYSIWYG. (WalkMe Mobile SDK v1.13.1 and lower).

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