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Can I view and manage my WalkMe items (e.g., Walk-Thrus, Launchers, SmartTips, etc.), by Segment and/or Publish Status?


The WalkMe editor can accommodate a large number of WalkMe items such as Walk-Thrus, Launchers SmartTips, with different Segments and Publish Statuses. The Filtering feature allows you to easily view and manage all of these items by Segment and Publish Status.

Filter by Segment

To filter items by Segments:

  1. Click on the “Filter by Segment” icon
  2. Check the segment you want to filter items by
  3. Click Done


Filter by Publish Status

  1. Click on the Filter icon to make sure the Show Status Filters is set to ON
  2. Toggle switch the Status buttons On or Off to display the items. Blue background means Selected

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