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How to write a Job Request for the Digital Adoption Institute Job Board

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If your organization is looking to hire for a digital adoption role, you can post the job request at our Job Board within our Digital Adoption Institute.

The Digital Adoption Institute is the place where DAP professionals go to improve their skills and look for open opportunities in the market, so now is the time to write that job description.

We have prepared an easy guide for you to follow and also created some job description templates that you can modify to make the process easy.

Find our job description templates here.

Our easy guide for preparing a job request:

1. Before writing your job description, answer these 2 questions for yourself:

  1. What problem the digital adoption position needs to solve?
  2. What does a successful candidate look like?

Have in mind that the person in this role will work closely with stakeholders throughout the organization to develop and execute a holistic Digital Adoption strategy based on value and impact with a strong focus on user experience.

2. Now let’s start writing.

Every digital adoption job posting should contain the following basic information:

  • Job title
  • Company overview
  • Job Summary/ Responsibilities
  • Qualifications & Skills of desired candidate
  • How to apply

Let’s look at each one and learn what makes them great.

Job Title

You should consider writing a more descriptive job title.

We see many variations for digital adoption professionals. For example: WalkMe Developer.

Customer Adoption Executive,  WalkMe Administrator and Developer, WalkMe Instructional Designer, etc.

Make sure you choose the one that correctly reflects the job responsibilities. 

Company Overview

The general description of a company is significant but often overlooked. Even if the candidate knows your company, it is important to state your mission, your values and what is the challenge you are trying to solve. You can also add company awards and industry recognition.

Job Summary/ Responsibilities

It is crucial to outline all the expected responsibilities. Make sure you define the work that needs to be performed and the functions that an employee is accountable for. It includes highlighting specific milestones and measurable impact.

It is the core of your job post. The candidate should relate to those activities and be able to sense what a day looks like in a digital adoption role at your company.

You might also add here the reporting and team structure. To who the candidate will be reporting, if someone will be working for him/her, peers, etc.

Qualifications & Skills

This is fairly straightforward. Add any specific degree or professional designation or certification.

If you are looking for a number of years of experience and/or specific industry knowledge.

And of course, the proficiency with WalkMe and any other programs.

Here is the place to add some personality traits you are looking for.  Something like “Strong organizational skills” or  “Strong analytical and problem-solving skills”.

How to Apply

The easiest way to do it should be to direct the candidates to an online application or specific email address where they can send their curriculum.

It is important to make sure you clarify all the materials you expect to receive (curriculum, cover letter, reference, etc).

3. Once you’ve written and edited your job request following these tips, you should be ready! Now post it for free on our Job Board.


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