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I Am Unable To Select an Element

Updated on June 25, 2018
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I’m not able to select an element that’s on my site. What’s the issue?


There a few symptoms of this behavior:

You receive an error when trying to select the element

If you see an error that says “Cross domain recording is not possible due to security issues,” this means the element you are trying to select is in a cross domain iFrame. Reach out to support@walkme.com to enable a feature that will allow you to build across different domains.

You select the element, but nothing happens

This can sometimes happen with sites that are Single Page Applications (SPA). If your Editor account has not already been configured to handle SPA transitions, reach out to support@walkme.com.

If your account has been configured for the correct SPA settings already, try refreshing the page or restarting the Editor. If the issue persists, reach out to support@walkme.com.

You are not able to see the element selector blue highlighter at all

You will need to reach out to support@walkme.com for further troubleshooting, but before you do, it will be helpful to understand the following:

  • Does it happen only on your site, or on other sites as well (such as Google or Wikipedia)?
  • Does the issue persist after clearing cache and cookies?
  • Have you been able to build on the site previously without any issues?

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