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Brief Overview

WalkMe Insights is WalkMe’s in-depth analytics platform, providing core analytics for all WalkMe items and general user behavior in your product. WalkMe Insights is comprised of several analytics tools to help you accomplish your business objectives.

WalkMe Desktop’s analytics includes WalkMe content statistics and widget search analytics. It is only available to Enterprise Account users, none Enterprise Accounts can still use WalkMe Desktop, but will not be able to use Insights. To update your account to an Enterprise Account, please contact you WalkMe representative.


Tracking and recording of user events (with the underlying application or the OS) are not currently supported on Desktop.

For more information on the Web version of Insights see the following article here.

How to access Desktop analytics (Insights 1.0)?

  1. Open the insights account the same way you opened insights for web
  2. Click settings (the cog on the upper right side)
  3. Set the platform to ‘6’.

How is the unique user ID determined in analytics?

  • End-userID can be generated and collected in three ways:
    • The default recommended: OS domain + username (Example: WALKMEJohn.Doe)
    • Hashed: MD5/SHA256 of end-users OS domain + username
      • Will keep content consistency but hide the actual user name
    • Randomized GUID
      • Will not keep consistency, the user is considered ‘new’ on every session.

Limitations and Known Issues

  • WalkMe Desktop analytics is only available for Enterprise Accounts.
  • WalkMe Desktop’s analytics will soon be available on the new Insights
  • If you choose to identify the end-users by their GUID, which is not remembered between WalkMe sessions (i.e., the same end-user will have a different GUID in each WalkMe launch), Insights won’t be able to identify an end-user as a unique entity.

Application Events, funnels, and Session Playback are not currently supported on Desktop.

Changing Your Insights Tracking Level

To learn more about WalkMe Insights Data Tracking levels see the web version here.

  1. click on the Settings tab in the Main Menu
  2. In the General tab, click on the Admin Settings:

Here you can see and edit details regarding your WalkMe account. Please note that the only Tracking level currently supported with Desktop is WalkMe application analytics:


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