Installing the WalkMe Editor for Desktop and Workstation

Last Updated April 4, 2022

Brief Overview

The WalkMe Desktop Editor is the same Editor used in WalkMe Web, it allows builders to create and develop solutions on their desktop platform. For Enterprise Accounts (MSA accounts), Desktop is considered as one of the systems available to your account.

To build solutions using the WalkMe Desktop system, you will need to:

  • Install the WalkMe Editor (Download the WalkMe Editor), if you haven’t done so already.
  • Contact your Account manager to create an account for you, then using the instructions below, you will be able to switch between accounts in the Editor.
  • Contact your Account Manager and download and install the MSI/DMG Desktop Connector sent to you in your Desktop package.

If you have any difficulty during the installation process, or you would like to update your existing account to an Enterprise account, please contact your WalkMe representative or WalkMe Support.

Read more about Multi-System Accounts.

Operating System and Performance Impact

Supported Operating Systems

Disk Size


  • WalkMe installation MSI file for Workstation Windows is ~60MB
  • Disk space after installation is ~140MB


  • WalkMe installation DMG file for Workstation Mac is ~10MB
  • Disk space after installation is ~25MB

Switching Between Accounts in Your Editor

Open the “WalkMe Editor” (the Editor application) on the computer’s desktop: (IC:Program files Desktop, recommended to create a shortcut)

For Enterprise Accounts, you are able to switch between accounts using the Systems button:

Please Note that in Desktop, the content for each platform is created and edited separately.

There are a few differences in supported features and apps between the platforms, therefore some of the options available in the Web Editor may not be available in the Desktop Editor and vice versa. For more information on these differences see the Comparisons Table.

Installing the Desktop/Workstation MSI/DMG Connector

The Desktop Connector allows the Editor to communicate with the desktop environment (and supported applications) for building WalkMe content with Desktop and Workstation.

To install the Desktop connector, use the package sent to you by your Account Manager.

After the package has been installed, you can run the connector.

The Desktop Connector should be running when working with the Editor.

Opening the Desktop Connector on Windows

For users who have installed the latest version of Desktop, the Connector will run automatically, and the following steps do not need to be taken

If the Connector does not run automatically, you can access it from the file path: This PC → C → Program files → WalkmeDesktop → Walkme.Desktop.Editor.Launcher.exe


It is recommended to create a shortcut for this file on your Desktop, and rename the shortcut to Desktop Connector

You may now create/edit content in the same manner as in WalkMe Web.

Note: You will receive a warning at the top of the Editor (until you have completed the instructions below). This warning indicates there is no connection between WalkMe’s Editor and the system connector. This connection is opened once both the Editor application AND the Desktop Connector are open:

Playing WalkMe Desktop Content

For Windows accounts, playing content can be done by clicking the ‘preview’ button on the Editor.

For Mac accounts, you will need to publish your content to any of the available environments and then run the client in order to view content.

For end users, the player package already contains the account’s GUID.

If you wish to run the client locally, you can access it from the file path: This PC → C → Program files → WalkmeDesktop → Walkme.Desktop.Client.Launcher.exe

See Running Desktop Player Locally


The Editor connector and Client CANNOT run together.

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