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Steps For Building a Walk-Thru

You must capture WalkMe Mobile Walk-Thrus in your app itself using Power Mode; there are no templates in the Mobile Console for Walk-Thrus, since each Walk-Thru must be captured from scratch for each app on which WalkMe Mobile is implemented.

Open your app’s Power Mode and follow these steps to build a WalkMe Mobile Walk-Thru for your app:

  1. Tap the WalkMe bubble:
    …to bring up the Power Mode menu:
  2. Tap Capture;
  3. Tap Capture Walk-Thru;
    • The WalkMe bubble will become two red bubbles (one for selecting complex elements, and one that says REC to stop capturing), which signals you are now recording a Walk-Thru.
    • While the bubble is red, you may capture Walk-Thru steps in one of two ways (or a combination):
      • Simply tap your way through the process you wish to capture a Walk-Thru for;
      • Use the complex elements selection tool (by tapping the small red bubble) to select from the available elements on the screen.
  4. Once you’ve completed the capture process, tap the red REC bubble to stop capturing;
  5. Enter your new Walk-Thru’s chosen name into the Walk-Thru name field and tap ADD.
    • NOTE: The default trigger for your new Walk-Thru will be “No Trigger,” so you must link to your Walk-Thru, connect it to another campaign or activate the trigger in order to enable your end-users to use it.

Congratulations! You’ve recorded your first WalkMe Mobile Walk-Thru! Once refreshed (either refresh your browser or tap the small Refresh icon in the Mobile Console’s MY CAMPAIGNS tab), this Walk-Thru will appear in your Mobile Console’s MY CAMPAIGNS tab.

Building a Walk-Thru in Android Native Dialogs:

When capturing a Walk-Thru or an element in Android Native Dialogs the behavior is different.

The WalkMe bubble will appear inside the dialog, to capture a step:

  1. Tap on the element you want to capture.
  2. The options for a red “+” button or a red “-” button will appear allowing you to make the region bigger and smaller.
  3. After deciding on the elements region you need to tap on the region in order to move to the next step.

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