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WalkMe Editor FAQ

Updated on November 27, 2017
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Updated Editor Coming Oct. 2017

In October 2017, WalkMe released a WalkMe Editor to give you an improved experience, allowing you to now choose your own browser to build on while improving the speed of the Editor.

How is the newly released WalkMe Editor (October 2017) different than the Firefox plugin version?

The WalkMe Editor now runs as a desktop application allowing you to build WalkMe solutions on different browsers. The previous version of the editor ran only in Firefox as a plugin.

The newest version of the Editor gives you more control over your building experience. When launching the new desktop application the Editor appears as a separate window on top of your workspace. This allows you to rearrange your workspace however you choose. You can even have the Editor open on a separate monitor from your browser window! If you miss the previous experience don’t worry, we now include a Side by Side button at the top that allows you to snap the Editor to the left side of your browser just like before. And don’t worry, using the editor is the same experience you know and love, just better.

Multi-browser support was a big request by our customers, because not every application runs in Firefox. We’re happy to say that the new version of the Editor now supports the most popular web browsers for building your WalkMe experience! Simply download the WalkMe extension onto your desired browser to connect it to the WalkMe Editor.

Which Browsers does the Editor support?

Chrome and IE in October and later in November we’ll add support for Firefox. We’ll even add more browser in the future based on popular demand.


  • Chrome 57 and later
  • IE 10 and later  (Early 2018)
  • Firefox v54 and later (Early 2018)

What computer operating systems does the Editor support?

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OSX 10.12 and later

What’s the Installation Process?

Simply download the WalkMe Editor and install it on your computer just as any application. Then just install the WalkMe Extension in your favorite browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox*). The WalkMe Extension is how we connect the Editor application to your selected browser.

Upgrading all the users on your account is easy too. Just upgrade your account and we’ll instantly switch over all the other users and help them download the new version of the Editor

How to install the WalkMe Editor with multi-browser support

Why should I update to the new version?

In the past, we were tied to the Firefox browser but many applications simply do not work on that browser. The Editor now runs on your computer as a desktop application and you simply need to install the WalkMe Extension onto your selected browser to connect it to the Editor. We’ve been listening to our customers and we knew this was highly requested by many of you.

The new version of the Editor is twice as fast.

We took this opportunity to improve the performance of the Editor itself. You’ll notice that navigating through menus is now snappy, making building more enjoyable.

The new version of the Editor is getting all the new features!

If you want the latest features coming out in October (trust me you do) then you’ll need to switch to the new version. Check out release notes for new features coming out

In November, all user will have to change anyway because of Firefox updates.

Firefox is updating their browser on Nov. 14th and will no longer support plugins like the WalkMe Editor. So, why wait until then? Get all the benefits of the new version of the Editor today.

How long will the Firefox Plugin version keep working?

On November 14th Firefox will update their browser removing plugins as they exist today. On this date, all WalkMe Editor users must switch to the new multi-browser version that runs on your computer.

Instead of seeing this as a barrier, we’ve turned it into an opportunity to improve our customer’s’ experience. We decided to proactively develop a new version of the Editor that runs on your computer, allows you to select the browser of your choice to build on, and runs twice as fast.

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