New Workstation Design

Last Updated March 8, 2023

This design is supported on Workstation App version 1.0 or higher.

What’s New?

  • Left-side navbar to navigate your way in Workstation
  • “Recently Viewed” widget to keep track of recent items
  • “Settings” tab to connect apps to your Workstation and control other preferences
  • Localization feature to support 7 additional languages at the push of a button
  • Apps associated with your Okta can now be quickly accessed via a new tab

Can I switch back to the old Workstation look? 

Sure! If at any time you want to roll back, just go to Settings -> Preferences, and click on the Back button

Current vs. New Design


Current Design (Version 0.996)

New Design (Version 1.0)

Navigation Navigation is done from 3 different locations-
  1. Main menu
  2. Profile drop down
  3. Resources tabs

Navigation is done from one location – the Navbar.

Some of the pages are divided into inner tabs for efficient search and easy access.

Branding Branding was supported so far in two places-
  1. Sign-in page
  2. WS App

The customization was done on the Workstation product team side.

  • Branding is still supported in both sign-in page and the app. Sign-in page branding remains the same.
  • You will now be able to update their branding settings directly on their own, via Console.

Localization (user interface translation) was not supported.

We did support different languages for content, based on the multi-language feature.

UI display in 8 languages according to user’s selection in Preferences-
  1. English
  2. Chinese
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Japanese
  6. Portuguese
  7. Spanish
  8. Turkish

Integrations Starting of October 2022, new integrations will only be supported on version 1.00 and above. Integrations can now be connected from the settings tab. We’ve added the following functionalities-
  1. Search for apps
  2. Apps filter to view all apps that were connected / ready to connect
  3. Feedback on apps

New integrations coming up that will only be supported in this version-

  • CRM Dynamics
  • Google Custom Search
  • Bing Custom Search
  • NetSuite
Current design-
New functionalities-
  1. Tabs for All and Unread notifications
  2. Thumbnail display of the notification’s image
  3. Mark notification as read

Recently Viewed

In version 0.996, we are displaying carousel widgets for Box, OneDrive and Google Drive for recently viewed documents-

Carousel widgets for recently viewed docs are deprecated.

Instead, there will be a new Recently Viewed widget with an apps filter, that will display all items that were recently opened from Search or other widgets.

IDP Applications Page



New applications page for IDP connected apps-

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