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Preview in Mac Editor from Desktop and Workstation

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Brief Overview

To enable the ability to preview your content in the Editor for Mac users, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enable the feature

Contact your WalkMe Account Manager to Enable the preview feature for your account.

Step 2: Download and Install Editor Launcher

Download and install the following on your Mac and add it to your applications: https://cdn-desktop.walkme.com/MAC/Workstation/Walkme+Editor+Launcher.dmg

Step 3: Run WalkMe Editor Launcher

The WalkMe Editor Launcher app must be relaunched after every Mac restart.

You’re Done! you can preview on Mac now.

Please Note:

If you also build on Windows, please update your builder’s MSI to version 5.9 (older versions will not work when this feature is added)

The Preview functionality and client can’t run together. You will need to switch between Preview and Client.

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