Running the Desktop Player Locally

Last Updated March 29, 2021

Brief Overview

It is always recommended to test your content before publishing, if you want to test how your content will look to your end users you should consider setting up the Player to run locally on your Desktop.

(For the users themselves, they will be supplied with an MSI that already contains all the necessary settings).

Enabling the Player

  1. Go to the Snippet tab found in the Main Publish tab.
  2. Copy your GUID from the Snippet code, (choose the ID (between the ‘/’ as seen in the image below):
  3. On your Desktop, go to This PCC → Program Files → WalkMeDesktop directory (or C → Program Files (x86) → WalkMeDesktop – (it depends on which version you have installed).
  4. Right-click Config.xml → Edit
    • (It is recommended to install notepad++ and edit using that)                                                                                                                                                           
  5. Paste the GUID you copied in the value of the userguid key:
    • (You can use Ctrl+F to open the page search if you are unable to find the userguid key)                                                                               
  6. Save the file!

Testing with the Client

Run the Desktop Player after you’ve published your content.

This PC → C → Program files (x86) → WalkmeDesktop → WalkMe.Desktop.Client.Launcher.exe (or C → Program Files (x86) → WalkMeDesktop)

  • It’s recommended to create a shortcut on your desktop

The Editor Connector and Player are unable to run together.

Changing the Client to Work in a Test Environment

  1. In your program files, find the WalkMeDesktop folder.
  2. Right click on the Config.xml file and select Edit with Notepad++.
  3. Find the following line:
  4. To use the Production Environment, in the value element, between the “” should be empty.
  5. To use the Test Environment, in the value element, should be “test”.

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