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Updated on September 5, 2017
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WalkMe offers the capability to help increase your productivity on Salesforce with Super Tools. Super Tools optimize how your users find information and update data on Salesforce reports.

The Short Version

SuperEdit and SuperSearch are tools for your Salesforce implementation that make it much faster to edit records on a report and search through records with Google-like speed. Using Salesforce Super Tools saves users time, helping them be more productive. Super Tools are available as standalone products and do not require the WalkMe Editor.

  • SuperSearch is a tool that enhances Salesforce search by providing dynamic results as you type. Results display information from any field in a record, even custom records.
  • SuperEdit is a tool that enables inline report editing in Salesforce. It allows users to edit Salesforce reports just like an Excel spreadsheet, without having to leave the report and update different records separately.

How It Works

SuperEdit and SuperSearch are browser plugins that instantly improve your Salesforce experience. Just download, and you’re ready to go!


SuperEdit allows users to edit fields for multiple records that appear on a report  or throughout Salesforce without ever leaving the page. Modifiable field types include, text fields, check boxes, date pickers, and drop-down menus. Without SuperEdit, users must open up each individual record to edit and save them, which is time-consuming. Using SuperEdit users can make changes quickly while staying on the page.  Edits are instantly saved back to the record allowing the user to be more productive.
For example, on a custom Opportunities report you can edit the Status drop-down, the Next Steps text field, Close Date and Amount for multiple records without ever leaving the page.

In the event that the user makes an “accidental edit”, the user can undo the edit  by pressing the “Undo” button, which appears after an edit has been made, or pressing “Ctrl+Z” on the keyboard.

  1. Pressing “Undo”:

  1. Pressing “Ctrl+Z”


SuperSearch significantly improve the existing Salesforce Search bar by providing dynamic results as you type. Without SuperSearch, the user must run a search, select a record and then scan through the record to find information such ACV, phone number, email etc. SuperSearch bring Google-like search to Salesforce. As you type, WalkMe searches through all fields in your records allowing you to find specific information much faster. Search results appear dynamically in a menu below the search box, allowing you to find information without ever going to a search results page. SuperSearch applies to both standard objects, custom objects, and reports.

For example, if you wanted to quickly look up the ACV for a specific company, such as ACME, you can now just type ACME ACV and instantly see all ACME records and their ACV below the search box.


SuperTools do not use the WalkMe Editor; instead, users simply download the plugins from our website to immediate gain enhanced functionality for Salesforce.  Download WalkMe’s Super Tools for Salesforce

Contact your CSM to learn more!

Try it Out

Download SuperEdit and SuperSearch in your browsers. Log in to Salesforce and try the following:

  • Type into the Salesforce Search to see dynamic results appear
  • Open a Report and edit any field

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