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My SmartTips aren’t appearing where I would expect them to


There a few possibilities that can prevent SmartTips from appearing:


There are three different ways SmartTips can be segmented that can impact their ability to draw on the page:

  • At the page level (the “where”)
  • With segment tags (the “who”)
  • The individual SmartTip level

A common cause for SmartTips not appearing is caused by segmentation rules set at the page level or with segment tags. Because these types of segmentation are only checked once at page load, they can prevent SmartTips from appearing if the rules are not immediately true.

To remedy this, keep the rules in the “page level” simple – these should only reference URL rules.

The rules in the segment tags should ideally reference a “who” segment by using variables.

Any rules that rely on elements being visible should be set at the “individual” SmartTip level – this will be within the “Segmentation” tab in the individual SmartTip’s settings (not the set settings). Once the rules are defined there, set “Evaluation Frequency” to “On”.



The SmartTips’ precision can also affect whether or not they appear on a specific element. In the Editor, open the SmartTip’s Precision settings on the page where it’s element appears. If there is no Precision grade, or the grade is less than three bars, try re-selecting the element.

If the issue persists, try modifying the element with Precision Options, such as:

  1. Ignore Text
  2. Ignore ID
  3. Ignore Position

You can test with the settings one at a time, or as a combination. You can also try adjusting the Precision Level to “Low” to see if the element is able to be detected.

If modifying the Precision settings does not resolve the issue – try turning on “Strong Pin” in the SmartTip’s “Behavior” tab.

If the SmartTip continues to “lose” its element after making these adjustments, reach out to WalkMe Support at for further assistance.


WalkMe Not Loading

If the SmartTip(s) are able to appear in Preview mode in the Editor without any issue, but don’t show up after publishing them, the issue could be that WalkMe itself isn’t loading on the page. If you suspect this might be the case, refer to the troubleshooting steps on this article.


Incompatible custom image

If you are using a custom image for your SmartTips’ icons, make sure that the URL for these images match the protocol of your site.

For example, if your site is, but you are hosting the image on, your image will be blocked from loading on the HTTPS site.
If your image is hosted on HTTP and your site is HTTPS, move your image to an HTTPS site instead.
If you’re not able to move the image, please reach out to WalkMe Support and we will host the image as HTTPS for you.



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