The 4 Elements of an ActionBot

Updated on October 16, 2018
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WalkMe’s ActionBot allows end-users to perform tasks on different platforms, while naturally conversing with the Bot, for example, requesting time-off via the ActionBot instead of logging in to the HR system.

1.The ActionBot Launcher

The ActionBot Launcher is displayed on your site and opens the ActionBot chat box when clicked.

To create one:

  • Create a new Launcher
  • The Launcher action shall be set to None. You’ll assign the Launcher from within the Bot.

Feel free to use WalkMe’s ActionBot Launcher

2. A Bot

A specific Bot ‘holds’ different Conversations, and works as a Dispatcher. It recognizes user intent, and assigns the right Conversation. Read more about creating a Bot.

There can be a Bot for every system you manage!
E.g. A Bot for Salesforce and another one for your external facing system.

You can customize the Bot’s look and feel, buttons, greeting and error messages, etc.

3. A Conversation

A Conversation is a process that the Bot performs. Read more about creating a conversation.

For example, a ’Take time-off’ Conversation will look like this:

  • Ask the user Questions
  • Log users answers as Variables
  • Insert Answers in the HR system automatically, using an Action

4. An Action – Automated Smart Walk-Thru

A Conversation is aimed to end with an automated action (e.g. insert the collected dates in the HR system to get time-off). Read more about Automating Smart Walk-Thrus.

To do that:

  • Create a new Smart Walk-Thru
  • Record the steps using the new Auto-Step feature
  • When using the ‘Fill text’ option, follow this format: ${ValueFromTheQuestion}
  • Go to the Conversation > Action and assign the above SWT and match the variable

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