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The new version of the WalkMe Editor is twice as fast and will let you build on different browsers!

Click below to download the new Editor:



*The new Editor supports Chrome browser. To enable editing on IE (Beta) Please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Introducing the New WalkMe Editor

Motivated by the change in Firefox support, WalkMe has released a new and improved WalkMe Editor.

  • Desktop Application Allows you to Build on Multiple Browsers: The new Editor runs is a desktop application allowing you to build WalkMe solutions on different browsers. The new Editor works with Chrome and will later support Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • New Features: New features abound in the WalkMe Editor! Read about Initiators and the WYSIWIG.
  • Improved Building Experience: The Editor appears as a separate window on top of your workspace allowing you to rearrange your screens however you choose. You can even have the Editor open on a separate monitor from your browser window.
  • Twice as Fast: Navigating through menus is now snappy making building solutions even faster.

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