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Walk-Thru Stops In the Middle

Updated on September 4, 2017
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Why is a step in the middle of my Walk-Thru not appearing?


Answer: Check Step Options

Your step may not be playing for a number of reasons. Most commonly, there is a problem in the step’s Behavior

  • Confirm that the element grade for your step is three bars or more.. In the Step Options Menu, go into the Precision tab and make sure the element is visible.
  • Confirm the Step Play Rule is True. If you set a Step Play Rule for a Step, it may not be reading as True and therefore the step is not appearing. Check it out by going to the correct page and looking at the Rule.

If you have tried all the fixes above and your step still isn’t working correctly, it is likely that the problem is caused by the trigger of the previous step. Check if the previous step has triggered by using the Flow Tracker.

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