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WalkMe Compass is an innovative services program that gives you access to a multitude of powerful, cutting edge resources designed to ensure your success with WalkMe.  Compass provides various training resources to allow you to better teach yourself to use WalkMe to the fullest and learn Digital Adoption strategy and best practices.  WalkMe Compass is here help guide you on your WalkMe journey.

Some of the resources Compass provides are:

  • In-App Guidance (WalkMe for the Editor)
  • Training Webinars
  • New step-by-step instructional Support Articles

Compass In-App Guidance

WalkMe on WalkMe Content – You’ll now notice an icon at the top of your Editor with brand new WalkMe help content to guide you through the application. This is your new go-to for in-app guidance. We also have brand new content available in our Insights Analytics platform as well.

Compass Guidance provides in-app WalkThrus of nearly every WalkMe application and feature.  You can access Compass Guidance by clicking the Compass icon in your editor:

Compass Webinars

Training Webinars

Compass will offer training webinars to guide users through the WalkMe process. We want to meet you where you are and offer a range of mediums that compliment your learning style.

This webinar series will provide an overview of how to use each WalkMe application, while also allowing you the opportunity to ask specific questions to the Webinar team.

The 90 minute training Webinars will cover basic WalkMe applications and setup.

Feature Webinars

In addition to the training webinars, Compass offers webinars that will each address a specific WalkMe feature or use case in detail. From Insights Deep dives to Customizing using CSS, these Webinars are meant to enhance and strengthen your WalkMe solution.

Office Hours

Join us for Community Office Hours! This event is a place for our Solutions Engineers and Digital Adoption Consultants to respond to your questions about WalkMe digital adoption strategies and technical best practices in a group forum.


Compass Support Articles (Getting Started Guides)

WalkMe Compass also provides step-by-step articles on our support site that emphasize the basics of the various WalkMe applications and features:

Please note: You must be logged into the Support site to view these articles.




Technical Guides:

Additional Resources

For Additional Guidance in using WalkMe, check out the resources below:

  • Connect and learn from your peers and other WalkMe experts by joining WalkMe World, our community forum.
  • To see plans for how WalkMe can address common user experience concerns, try the In-editor WalkMe Solutions Gallery.
  • For any questions you have about using WalkMe, view our Support Page for specific guidance on every part of the WalkMe process.
  • Join WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Institute, our brand new online learning platform! As a customer of WalkMe you have access to improved and expanded training material as well as the option to become a WalkMe Certified Solution Engineer with our new paid certification program. Click this link to create an account and get started!

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