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WalkMe Desktop – V2.0 Release – September 2018

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What’s New This Version?

New for all platforms:

  • Data source integration 

    • Ability to integrate with organization data sources via HTTP requests
    • The integration sends a custom request and parses the response
    • Example – Identify user’s department via a request to the HR database.
  • Automatic client refresh

    • Clients will be updated automatically when new content is published from the Editor
    • The update will occur while the user is idle (in order not to interrupt the user’s work)

New for Deep Integration

  • Launchers

  • Smart tips attached to fields 

    • Tooltips on icon hover
    • Tooltips on-field focus/hover (JAVA only)

  • Trackers

Other Updates

  • Color controllers were added to all Templates (Balloons, shoutOuts)
  • UI improvements for Segment Selection Box



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