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WalkMe Desktop – V5.2 Release – January 2020

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What’s New This Version?

New for Workstation and all platforms

  • Mac support is now available for desktop Workstation customers!
    • The solution supports:
      • Shuttles
      • Walk-Thru PopUp steps
      • ShoutOuts

  • New Widget (Windows)

  • Visual Editor 
    • Fully customize your ShoutOuts and Walk-Thrus using a Visual Editor:

  • Incoming Integration Support 
      • Receive data in your Walkme Desktop account from the integration center.
      • Allows CSV data Integration.
  • Condition builder for Hide / Show widget
    • Segment the widget to show for targeted users groups and apps
    • Allow show / hide the widget accordance to a condition
  • Segmentation labels
    • Allow segmentation rules on labels

    • Use case example: present different menu items for users from different departments.
  • App running condition
    • Allows to Segment the content according to a running app/process

  • Use case example
    • Create splits in Walk-Thrus according to whether an app is running or not
    • Present certain menu items only if the target app is running
  • Date / Time condition
    • Use case: display ShoutOut at a certain time

  • Goals
    • Ability to define goals
    • Use case: measure results
      • Notes: Element Clicked is not available yet.

New for Deep Integration (Java Applications, SAP)

    • Support multi SAP instances
    • SAP Enter trigger
    • Custom trigger
    • Adjust balloon positioning

Other Updates

Accessibility support

  • Supporting screen reader
    • Mac: VoiceOver
    • Windows: NVDA, JAWS
  • Supporting keyboard navigation

For more information on the different capabilities between platforms, see our dedicated comparisons table

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