WalkMe Desktop & Workstation – V6.2 Release – October 2020

Last Updated February 9, 2022

What’s New This Version?

New for Windows

Environment Switch

  • Builder’s ‘Test’ version will now include a convenient option to change between ‘test’ and ‘production environments.
  • In order to change the environment, just right click on the Desktop Widget and choose “Change Environment”

App Focus Rule

  • New segmentation rules based on a certain app being in Focus:
    • App in Focus
    • App Not in Focus
Please note:

This is an enabled feature. To request access contact your Customer Success Manager or contact Support.

Use cases:

  • Have a message pop up when a user begins working on an app (ex. “See the new features available”)
  • Have a message pop up when a user leaves an app (ex. “Don’t forget to save”)

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