WalkMe Desktop & Workstation – V6.4 Release – January 2021

Last Updated February 9, 2022

What’s New This Version?

New in Windows

  • Rule Evaluation
    • Checks and shows if the rule is True (✔), False (!), or if it is unable to evaluate it currently (?).
  • Task Manager Segmentation Title
    • The title for the App Running and App in Focus segmentation rules are now taken from the Task Manager.
  • App In-Focus in the Menu
    • You can see apps highlighted in the Menu.
  • ‘Short Circuit’ Rule Evaluation
    • Rules will now be evaluated according to their order of appearance in the Editor, thereby improving performance.
    • The evaluation will stop if a Rule or Group result sets the whole segmentation result to be True or False.
    • For example, if there are two rules grouped with ‘AND’ and the first one is False the evaluation will stop.
  • SAP Transaction Code

    • A new rule that enables segmenting WalkMe content based on SAP Transaction Code.

Please note:

This is an enabled feature. To request access contact your Customer Success Manager or contact Support.

New in MAC

  • IDP
    • New option to paste text to IDP window.
  • IDP Search box
    • Now supports keyboard shortcuts for pasting in all languages.
  • Analytics bug fixes

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