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WalkMe for Mobile Native Applications (iOS/Android)

Updated on April 17, 2018
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Build seamless mobile experiences from your mobile device, without R&D effort, to promote self-service, adoption, and loyalty. WalkMe Mobile uses AI predictions to automatically segment users based on their likelihood to perform desirable and undesirable actions.

The Short Version

WalkMe Mobile allows you to use WalkMe on your iOS and Android app to drive adoption and reduce churn. WalkMe Mobile collects hundreds of users behavior data points and applies AI Predictive Analytics to learn when you’re users are mostly likely to engage with your campaigns.

By using AI to dynamically identify users and when they are mostly likely to engage with your software, what we call their “Happy Moment”, you’re able to significantly improve your campaign results.

For example, to increase the number of users that have enabled push notifications, create a campaign that tells them about weekly deals and set it to play when the user is at their Happy Moment. WalkMe’s AI will try to deliver your campaign in different situations and learn when users are mostly likely to engage with your campaign.

Use Cases

  • Increase the percentage of users with push notifications enabled
  • Reduce user churn by promoting high value/sticky features
  • Increase conversions by offering users special deals
  • Onboard users to your software without any training

How it works

WalkMe Mobile is installed on your app using our SDK. If your company uses a 3rd party app (such as Salesforce Mobile), we can provide you with a version of the app with WalkMe installed on it. You can then take this version and distribute it to users.

Using the Web Editor Console you can set business goals, user attributes, and create campaigns such as a Walk-Thru or ShoutOut to drive users to your desired action. Once published, users with a version of the app with WalkMe installed will instantly see your campaign. Data collected from your users’ phone, your app, and engagement with WalkMe are then analyzed using WalkMe Predictive Analytics, allowing you to engage with users at moments where they are most like to engage with your campaign. We call these Happy Moments.

Items created in WalkMe Mobile may be published at any time. End users must have the the version of your app installed with the WalkMe snippet to see campaigns you have published. When new versions of the mobile console are released your existing published content will still appear, however you will not have access to the latest features until you update the SDK in your app.

Web Console

The Web Editor Console (https://console.mobile.walkme.com) is where you can create campaigns, set goals, add user attributes and view analytics. You will also pair your mobile app device to the web console so you can capture Walk-Thrus, Elements, and simulate campaigns. Pairing is done by using a specific URL found in the settings menu. This URL may be added to your phone by a QR code. Once the link has been added, you simply close the app on your device and open it again.


AI Segments

AI Segments (in Console) is a new segmentation option that is based on Machine Learning predictions of user behavior in three categories:

  1. Users likelihood to convert on a campaign (meaning to perform a positive action)
  2. Users likelihood to reach a goal
  3. Users likelihood to churn / retain

AI segments are provided as both negative and positive predictions (e.g. you can segment a campaign based on users’ likelihood to reach a goal or churn). AI predictions are dependent on your applications traffic volume.

Connect to Campaign

Admins can connect a campaign to the end of a Walk-Thru. The connected campaign is prompted immediately after the last step in a Walk-Thru is completed.


A paired mobile device can access PowerMode which allows you capture Walk-Thrus, elements and preview campaigns directly from your mobile device. PowerMode is accessed by opening the paired app and placing 5 fingers on the screen for 5 seconds. You’ll see a menu pop up which will allow you to login with your Console credentials.

Once the SDK is installed and configured, WalkMe collects over 300 data touch points within your application and uses artificial intelligence to learn when users are most likely to engage with any campaign you create set to their Happy Moment. Each user has a unique happy moment but over time a profile is created to understand user behavior.

For example, you may find that users in China, that are walking at 12 noon near home were the ones mostly likely to engage with your campaign.

Edit Walk-Thru

You can now edit Walk-Thrus directly from the Power Mode’s Preview state including:

  • Recapturing an existing step
  • Adding new steps to the Walk-Thru

Impressions Capping

Admins can control the maximum number of times each user can be exposed to a campaign. Until now, the limit has been 1 impression per campaign (excluding scenarios where an end user selected a “Maybe” CTA, or when a campaign was explicitly triggered from a ShoutOut, Launcher or Trigger API).

App Info

Admins can now see information on the application directly from within PowerMode:

  • App Name
  • App Version
  • SDK Version
  • SDK Enabled Flags (if enabled)
  • OS Version
  • Device Type
  • Network Type
  • Timezone
  • Session ID
  • Locale
  • App Ke
  • SDK Distribution

We replaced the static “SDK Version” display in the “App Settings” section with a dynamic display of all the SDK versions that are deployed to app users.

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