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Brief Overview

This glossary provides a brief intro to WalkMe Beyond Marketplace terminology, and contains definitions to terms you will see used throughout.

For more information and terminology used in WalkMe, visit our official WalkMe Glossary!



A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) manager, builder, or another user who is registered to the platform and eligible to purchase services.



A registered freelancer or agency that offers their professional services on the platform.


Buyer’s project request

When a buyer cannot find the exact service they are looking for, or they just need additional options, they can publish a project request on the platform outlining their needs. 

Sellers can then send custom offers to those project requests, and the buyer can choose the most relevant offer and hire the seller.


Custom offers

Sellers can send a custom offer that includes specific pricing for a proposed project, either responding to a project request, or during discussions with a buyer. 

Buyers can also send a request to sellers to send them custom offers.



Services are the offerings sellers publish to relevant categories on the platform to provide on-demand, that buyers can then browse through and choose to purchase.



After hiring a seller, an order is a page created for the seller and buyer to manage the given project’s communication and delivery.



Badges are icons that specific sellers can have. These badges indicate relevant information about the seller.

Official Partner: The user is an official WalkMe Partner.

Certified: The user has previous hands-on experience using WalkMe.


Vacation mode

This feature allows sellers to temporarily let buyers know that you are unavailable to be hired due to a vacation, overbooking, etc.

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