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What is the NEW Insights? (Spring 2019)

Last Updated September 14, 2020

Brief Overview

The new Insights has been rebuilt from the ground up so you get the full picture of adoption on your platform.  See where users struggle in processes and discover which features are unused so you can build WalkMe experiences that make your users more productive, engaged, and satisfied. Designed for the future of digital adoption you’ll see big improvements from the moment you log in and for years to come.  

What’s New?

Understand Adoption with the Flick of a Switch

Most analytics tools require you to go through a tedious process of defining every single user event in order to start collecting user behavior data. This often leads to having a limited view of usage and engagement. With the flick a switch, Insights now tracks ALL user events on your site, unlocking user adoption data so you can help your users overcome challenges, reach their goals, and get more value from your software every day with WalkMe.

See Which Features are Being Used and Which are Being Forgotten

Every day, important features in your application go unused by your users, but do you know which features are being overlooked? The New Insights has an intuitive dashboard so you can quickly see which features are being adopted by your users and how frequently they’re being used, so you can build specialized WalkMe solutions to increase adoption and drive meaningful business value.

Discover Where Users Drop Off in Processes

When users drop off in processes it means lost revenue, wasted time and productivity, and could even be an indicator of a poor employee and customer experience. Unfortunately, most businesses lack insight on how to make their users more successful. Funnels allow you to understand the user journey through any process like never before and see exactly where users struggle. You can even go beyond dashboards using Session Playback to watch videos of real sessions so you can target WalkMe solutions that improve employee productivity or even your conversion rates.

Smart Walk-Thru Step by Step Analysis

We’ve improved our step-by-step analysis for Smart Walk-Thrus. You can now see the same map representation you use when building a Smart Walk-Thru in the Editor, with additional analytics overlaid on top of it, allowing you to understand how users progress through the Smart Walk-Thru you created for them.

Learn where users start Smart Walk-Thrus from and where they usually stop to identify opportunities to improve the flow or improve the quality of low-performing Steps.

See Through the Eyes of Your Users

Go beyond dashboards and watch actual user Sessions. Session Playback creates pixel-perfect video simulations of each user session revealing exactly why a person dropped off in a process or how they used a new feature. Every session is tagged with event data and user metadata so you can filter by specific actions and user types to zero in on important moments. Viewable in real time, you can even look up an active user session to troubleshoot an issue with them over the phone.

A Better Experience, Today

From the moment you open the New Insights, you’ll immediately see our upgraded interface. We took all the components of Insights and Visions and re-imagined them as a cohesive experience. Our new design is only the beginning though, as we’ve worked hard to make everything more responsive and functional. Huge datasets load immediately, and new dashboards help give you insights into the value your users are getting.

What should you do to prepare?

For many of you, there is nothing that needs to be done. All your pre-existing data is available in the New Insights; we’re using the same techniques for collecting data, and, so long as the WalkMe snippet is still deployed via an extension or in the HTML itself, you’ll start seeing real-time data. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be launching new features, pages, and dashboards, so even if a page is missing, it’s likely coming back very soon.  

Keep reading to learn about new features, those coming back soon and the few that we’re not planning to bring back.

What’s Coming in the Near Future That I Can Get Excited About?

  • Artificial intelligence will analyze the data and offer you insights into the optimal path for any process, guaranteeing results when you build with WalkMe
  • New APIs and integrations will make Insights a more open platform so your data is always actionable
  • For our customers that use WalkMe everywhere, we’ll offer a high-level overview of adoption on all your platforms in one simple-to-read dashboard. This way you can see the overall value you’re getting with WalkMe and quickly discover which new platform(s) WalkMe should be added to next.

Gone for now but returning soon…

  • The ability to drill down to a specific end user to see a summary of engagement with WalkMe will be added soon with more helpful information!
  • Drill down to specific items of applications like SmartTip, Launcher, ShoutOut, Shuttle and Resource are coming soon as well.

What Is Being Deprecated?

We are changing the way we provide custom reports so you have access to even more data without impacting performance. But don’t worry! Although we will no longer support the embedded custom dashboards, all the reports you need will be available for exporting and scheduled periodic email reports.

More integration capabilities are coming soon and will allow you to better integrate our analytics with other tools to further analyze the data!

What if I Have Questions?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager if you have any questions about the New Insights.

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