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What is the NEW Insights? (Spring 2019)

Updated on February 4, 2019
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Brief Overview

The New Insights is our analytics platform, which has been rebuilt from the ground up with an all new infrastructure and a completely new user interface. Designed for the future of digital adoption, you’ll see big improvements from the moment you log in and for years to come.

A Better Experience, Today

From the moment you open the New Insights you’ll immediately see our upgraded interface. We took all the components of Insights and Visions and re-imagined them as a cohesive experience. Our new design is only the beginning though, as we’ve worked hard to make everything more responsive and functional. Huge datasets load immediately, and new dashboards help give you insights into the value your users are getting.

What should you do to prepare?

For many of you there is nothing that needs to be done. All your pre-existing data is available in the New Insights; we’re using the same techniques for collecting data, and, so long as the WalkMe snippet is still deployed via an extension or in the HTML itself, you’ll start seeing real time data. Over the next few weeks we’ll be launching new features, pages and dashboards, so even if a page is missing, it’s likely coming back very soon.  

Keep reading to learn about new features, those coming back soon and the few that we’re not planning bring back.

What’s New?

Overview Page


Apps Overview Page


Engagement Overview

In the New Insights, we’ve updated our definitions of Engaged Users and those whom we consider as users to whom WalkMe was available.

  • Users: This new main metric, now found in the main Overview page, counts the number of users that WalkMe was loaded for, even if no content was displayed at all. This provides the baseline number of users WalkMe is deployed to;
    • Definition: Unique users who had a session during the selected date range.
  • Users WalkMe was available to: Out of the total number of app users, we count the number of users potentially and actually exposed to WalkMe. That means users who were included in a segment that WalkMe was exposed to, and hence had the potential to engage with WalkMe;
    • Definition: Unique users who:
      • Had the WalkMe Widget visible;
      • Had a Launcher or SmartTip visible;
      • Viewed a Walk-Thru, Survey, ShoutOut, Shuttle or Resource;
      • Change:
        • Does not count all SmartTip Set plays, but does count if at least one SmartTip of a Set was visible.
  • Users who Interacted with WalkMe: Out of the users WalkMe was available to, we count the number of users who interacted with WalkMe’s content, meaning they played or clicked any of the WalkMe apps that were available to them;
    • Definition: Unique users who:
      • Played a Walk-Thru, Task, Shuttle, or Resource;
      • Clicked a Launcher, Menu item, ShoutOut action, Live Chat link, or an ‘open a ticket’ link.
      • Opened the WalkMe Menu;
      • Submitted a Survey or Quiz;
      • Searched in the WalkMe Menu;
      • Change:
        • Does not count all SmartTip Set plays, but does count if at least one SmartTip of a Set was visible.
  • New Users: This was removed as a metric in the Overview page and will be soon added as a Filter type so that you can filter all dashboards by the New Users segment.

Smart Walk-Thru Step by Step Analysis

We’ve improved our step-by-step analysis for Smart Walk-Thrus. You can now see the same map representation you use when building a Smart Walk-Thru in the Editor, with additional analytics overlaid on top of it, allowing you to understand how users progress through the Smart Walk-Thru you created for them.

Learn where users start Smart Walk-Thrus from and where they usually stop to identify opportunities to improve the flow or improve the quality of low-performing Steps.

What’s Coming in the Near Future That I Can Get Excited About?

Brand new!

  • Soon you’ll be able to track not just WalkMe usage, but all user engagement and actions on your site regardless of whether your users engaged with WalkMe or not. This will enable you to understand how users adopt features and identify where they struggle even before you build a thing;
  • Artificial intelligence will analyze the data and offer you insights into the optimal path for any process, guaranteeing results when you build with WalkMe;
  • New APIs and integrations will make Insights a more open platform so your data is always actionable;
  • For our customers that use WalkMe everywhere, we’ll offer a high-level overview of adoption on all your platforms in one simple-to-read dashboard. This way you can see the overall value you’re getting with WalkMe and quickly discover which new platform(s) WalkMe should be added to next.

Gone for now but returning soon…

  • The ability to drill down to a specific end user to see a summary of engagement with WalkMe will be added soon with more helpful information!
  • Drill down to specific items of applications like SmartTip, Launcher, ShoutOut, Shuttle and Resource are coming soon as well.

What Is Being Deprecated?

We are changing the way we provide custom reports so you have access to even more data without impacting performance. But don’t worry! Although we will no longer support the embedded custom dashboards, all the reports you need will be available for exporting and scheduled periodic email reports.

More integration capabilities are coming soon and will allow you to better integrate our analytics with other tools to further analyze the data!

What if I Have Questions?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager if you have any questions about the New Insights.

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