Workstation Release Notes – 12 December 2022

Last Updated December 13, 2022

Brief Overview

This article describes the new Workstation capabilities and bug fixes included within the version released on December 12th, 2022.

Release Notes

Segment ActionBot conversations in Workstation

  • ActionBot conversations in Workstation can be segmented using IDP segmentation

Resize Text

Select the text size in Settings Preferences-

  • 100% (default)
  • 125%
  • 150%
  • 200%

This is part of WCAG 2.1 Accessibility requirements. ETA for officially supporting WCAG 2.1 AA in Workstation is December 2022.

  • “New Window” – will now open links in a new Electron Window (on Desktop)
  • “New Tab” – will now open links in a new tab in the default browser

This behavior is consistent with Desktop (legacy) Workstation behavior and so fixes an existing gap between expected to actual behavior in Electron.

Changed Environment loads consistently after restart

  • When the environment has been changed (using “change-env” command) and the Workstation – restarted, the app launches in the last applied environment

Minimize/Maximize Toolbar design enhancement

  • Toolbar will now have a transparent background

Old design:

New design: 

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