Workstation Release Notes – 27 December 2022

Last Updated January 2, 2023

Brief Overview

This Kit describes the new Workstation capabilities, enhancements, bugs fixes, and known limitations included within the version that is planned to be deployed on December 27th, 2022.

Workstation Bubble

The Bubble is added to the home screen to allow users easy access to Workstation.

Users will be able to drag & drop the bubble and place it in their preferred screen location.

The bubble will have three Modes:

  1. Floating
  2. Hovered
  3. Snapped (to the side of the screen)

When Floating or Snapped, bubble will display number of unread notifications.

When Hovered, bubble will display the cog and by clicking it, users will be able to open Settings Preferences page where they can customize or disable the bubble (display only on Tray Mode).

Workstation Admin will be able to customize the bubble from the Workstation Console Branding Page.

Salesforce Knowledge Integration

  • Search for Salesforce Knowledge articles. This is also known in Salesforce as Experience Cloud or Community Cloud.
  • Users will be directed to the external site (outside of Salesforce), in which the knowledge base is displayed.
  • Admin on Console can customize the integration name and icon to be displayed in Workstation App (since end-users do not know it was created in Salesforce).

Deploy Section

The feature is in the Closed Beta now and will be released GA in the end of January.

The deploy section has been extended to include 3 parts. These are aimed to encourage self-sufficiency by sales and customer and reduce support efforts when installing Workstation.

  • Validation checklist – Ensure all basic requirements for Workstation are met.
  • Download Workstation – New design and additional descriptions were added.

  • Configure and Deploy – Additional file and instructions on usage.

Feedback Button Settings

A new section has been added to the settings area in the Workstation Console called Feedback that allow to hide or assign a new URL for the feedback button.

Customers may disable or modify the URL of the feedback button that is located on the bottom left corner of the WS screen.

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