Workstation Release Notes – August 2022

Last Updated October 2, 2022

Brief Overview

This article describes the new Workstation Capabilities and bug fixes included within versions released in August 2022.

Workstation Console 

Deployment guide and settings file download

Export recipients lists

  • Users can export to CSV the list of Notification Recipients for each type
  • Users can mail the CSV report

Send deployment info to IT

Customers can easily share the deployment guide with their IT team through the dedicated form by adding relevant emails.

Dashboard Analytics

The new Dashboard page serves as the Workstation Console homepage. It provides quick links to common features and analytics data about user engagement.

In addition, the Dashboard shows Workstation Analytics data about user engagement – Daily and Monthly Active Users, Top Searches, Most Used Apps, Top WalkMe Content etc.

Settings Page

Centralized place for all configurations required by the Workstation.

Notifications API

Using the WalkMe Workstation Notification API, you can use events from ANY system (does not need a WalkMe snippet) to trigger a notification for the end user on their desktop.

It can be used to

  • Show alert when a system is down or has issues (AWS or Slack servers down)
  • Notify an approver when a new ServiceNow ticket requires their review
  • Tell user know their Okta password expired (every time you cannot log into your VPN)
  • Remind users who did not complete their Open Enrollment

Workstation App (0.994)

Outlook Calendar Integration

  • View and join upcoming meetings from the home screen widget
  • Search for meetings
  • Start meetings directly from WS – Additional to Zoom, we also support other third-parties that are integrated with Outlook Calendar such as Webex and Gong.

Workday Integration

  • Search for workers to access their Workday profile.
  • Organization Chart
    1. Using the ‘Team’ button, open the organization chart.
    2. Click on the workers in the chart to display their details, manager and employees.
    3. Copy or send email

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