Workstation Release Notes – July 2022

Last Updated August 7, 2022

Brief Overview

This article describes the new Workstation capabilities and bug fixes included within versions released in July 2022.

Workstation Console 

Deployment guide and settings file download

Workstation Console users can now access the deployment guide and download their settings file directly from the Console Deploy page, available at

Workstation App (0.993)


  • Use ‘Enter’ to access a record while in hover

This is added to our existing keyboard shortcuts and allows to search with keyboard only-

  1. Command+Shift+E (mac) or Ctrl+Shift+E (windows) to pop the Workstation
  2. Ctrl+F to open the search bar
  3. Search and enter
  4. Up/Down arrows to move between results
  5. Enter to access the record

Workstation App (0.994)

ServiceNow integration

  • Add search for tickets by name (in addition to search by ID)

Workstation Container (0.12.2)

Support tag-based segmentation

Workstation now supports displaying items based on Segmentation Tag evaluation

Add a fallback screen for load failures 

Workstation now provides end users a nice experience that explains reasons for whenever it crashes.

Bug Fixes

  • Deleted language was still showing in the menu
  • If Workstation is off, permalink did not play the item
  • Salesforce search in other languages other than English did not work

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