Workstation Release Notes – October 2022

Last Updated November 6, 2022

Brief Overview

This article describes the new Workstation Capabilities and bug fixes included within versions released in October 2022.

Workstation Console (1.0)

Branding Workstation

  • Customers can now change the look and feel of their Workstation from the Console.
  • Customizations include:
    • Colors and logo for Main screen
    • Welcome screen logo, cover image and texts
    • Widget Icon & Color
    • Push Notifications Icon

Workstation App (1.3)

Gmail Integration

  • Search for Gmail emails directly from Workstation

gmail integration

DocuSign Embedded Signature

  • Sign ‘Action Required’ documents from Workstation – clicking on the Sign button in the DocuSign widget opens a window with the document with an option to instantly sign it and complete your task.

DocuSign Resend Notification

  • Resend email notifications to ‘Waiting for Others’ – clicking the Resend button in the DocuSign widget will send an email notification on the document to the relevant recipients.

Offline Mode Behavior

So far, if there were issues with connectivity, we displayed this message on the entire Workstation screen-

Now, we’ve implemented different messages for 3 connectivity issues, so that we could indicate the specific scenario and enable as much capabilities in Workstation as possible within the limitations.

Connectivity scenarios-

  1. No internet connection on Workstation initial launch
  2. No internet connection after Workstation was connected
  3. Workstation servers disconnected (internet still works properly)

Workstation Container (1.13.2)

Features / Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • Improve Workstation Auto Update Mechanism on Windows and macOS
  • Performance Improvements
  • Support Editor Preview Mode & Play
  • Support Account Impersonation
  • WYSIWYG Compatibility Improved
  • Citrix & AppSteam 2.0 Compatibility

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