Workstation Release Notes – September 2022

Last Updated November 6, 2022

Brief Overview

This article describes the new Workstation Capabilities and bug fixes included within versions released in September 2022.

Workstation Console 

Build better audiences with new rules

  • You can now create audiences using ‘is,’ ‘is not,’ and ‘like’ terms.

Editing audiences is disabled only when there is active notifications

  • Previously any notifications, including archive and draft, disabled editing.

Know which notifications are affected when you edit an audience

  • A new message appears in the Edit Audience page listing active, draft, or scheduled notifications assigned to this audience.

Hover over a property’s filter to view a list of all IDs associated with the selected property

  • Now you can quickly see who is in what department without clicking on it.

View and search recipients of an audience in the right panel

  • Where there was just a number, now there is a number and a list! Scroll or search to ensure everyone you intend will get your notification.

Access editing via the Recipients List

  • There is now an Edit Audience button on the bottom of the list.

Workstation App (0.996)

Google Custom Search Integration

  • Search from Workstation for web pages according to your Google’s Programmable Search Engine configuration.

Bing Custom Search Integration

  • Search from Workstation for web pages according to your Bing’s custom search configuration.

Workstation Container (0.12.6)

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