Workstation Release Notes – V0.89 Release – December 2021

Last Updated February 17, 2022

What’s New In This Version?

Native OS Notifications

Notifications can now be sent as Native OS Notifications through Communication Center.

This also means that Workstation will identify when the end user is sharing the screen and prevent Native OS Notifications from being presented.

Important Note – This also requires the new Desktop version – 8.1.2 for PC / 2.0.0 for Mac

New Search Services

  • Search for saved Pocket items
  • There is now a tab for your saved Pocket items

  • Search for your Okta Apps
  • Okta Apps widget is under your Workstation Home

  • Search for messages and files sent via Slack

Search – Filter by app and file type

  • Apps selected in the filter are cached for next searches

  • Improved Search – now also through the file type filter

EU Data Center

Enhanced Notification Center

EU Data Center full support (including Integrations)

  • A new EU Workstation Menu endpoint is introduced
  • A new EU Workstation IdP endpoint is introduced
  • All App Integrations are supported through EU Authenticator

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