Workstation Release Notes – V0.94 – March 2022

Last Updated September 29, 2022 Download as PDF

What’s New In This Version?

New App Integrations

Search for the following Salesforce objects:

  1. Lead
  2. Account
  3. Contact
  4. Opportunity
  5. File
  6. Dashboard
  7. Report
  8. Case


WalkMe content tab items can be sorted –

  1. Shuttles, Smart Walk-Thrus and Resources tab – Ascending / Descending
  2. Onboarding tasks tab – Complete / Incomplete

Layout Fixes

  • When hovering over the completed Onboarding tasks, the mouse indicates the item as non-clickable even though it can be opened again ( Windows) – Fixed
  • Hot key for focusing on Search bar changed from Ctrl+K to Ctrl+F

Bug Fixes

Users experiencing issues with the Workstation search and Integrations Widgets content – Fixed

App Integration Improvements

Google Calendar: Declined meetings won’t be shown in the Upcoming Meetings widget

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