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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

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Your team will be one of the first to see the new features available at WalkMe.

Guide the direction.

Through 1:1 conversations with WalkMe teams, hands-on product tests, demos and even co-design sessions, your team will have a chance to guide where we go next.

Get rewarded.

Teams selected to join the beta will have the chance to be a part of exclusive educational, networking and promotional experiences for personal and professional development.

Shadow AI Actions: Help your company navigate the AI journey

  • Get visibility into all the AI sites your employees are using
  • Take action to publish guardrails and guidance, with no need for a new system or editor
  • Access a month of WalkMe Discovery data free – full visibility into new digital adoption opportunities

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AI Answers: Raise the [search] bar for information discovery across the enterprise

  • Thanks to AI, search is evolving — massively improving the way users find and interact with the business-critical info they seek
  • Now when users open the WalkMe menu, they will have to option to chat with WalkMe’s AI Answers when traditional search won’t cut it
  • AI Answers are a new conversational search experience powered by GPT, granting added context and the ability to ask follow-up questions when more info is needed
  • Enterprises will have full control of the data and content sources authorized for AI Answers, which adhere to WalkMe’s world class security standards

DAP Kits: Optimize your company's most important business processes

  • DAP Kits are a new way of improving your business processes — performance review cycles, sales lead management, IT support flows, and dozens more use cases
  • They can be used to help achieve business outcomes by merging together technology (pre-configured WalkMe content) and user workflows (ordered tasks in frequently used business processes)
  • Using DAP Kits, WalkMe builders are able to achieve quicker time to value with less configuration
  • Note: In order to qualify your organization must have a WalkMe system on Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Salesforce Lightning, Microsoft Dynamics, or ServiceNow

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